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all ways around here are MY ways

damn straight.

Eglantine Vorcey of the House of Horrors
21 April
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Summary- Queen of Antarctica. Obsessive Anglophile who occasionally strays into Slavophile territory. Is a silly teenager with waxing and waning interests in various things- actors, bands, movies, dead poets: the usual. Possesses serious problem with distinguishing time of day. Also plans on taking over the world by overthrowing McDonalds- THREAT TO WORLD- Relatively nil.

Reading- Ulysses, by James Joyce

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Marriage is love.


1920s, 20th century, alec guinness, alice in wonderland, alphonse mucha, altered images, altoids, anthony perkins, art deco, art nouveau, arthur dent, batman, bedknobs and broomsticks, black comedy, blancmange, boris karloff, brazil, british comedy, buddy holly, buster keaton, cabinet of dr. caligari, chinatown, cillian murphy, civil war reenactments, conrad veidt, constantinople, czech republic, czechoslovakia, dark city, david thewlis, dorothy gish, douglas adams, duran duran, dystopianism, ealing studios, echo and the bunnymen, edith piaf, elsa lanchester, elvis costello, f. scott fitzgerald, fahrenheit 451, film noir, ford prefect, foreign films, franz ferdinand, franz kafka, françois truffaut, fred astaire, french revolution, fritz lang, gary numan, george gershwin, george sanders, german expressionist films, gregory peck, hammer horror, harold lloyd, hatshepsut, high school drama, history, hollywood ten, ian mcculloch, imperialism, ingrid bergman, irving thalberg, james joyce, japan (the band), john carradine, john keats, josephine baker, keith moon, lawrence of arabia, leon trotsky, leslie howard, lewis carroll, lord of the rings, marlene dietrich, marx brothers, metropolis, michael palin, monty python, neon signs, newby herrick, norma shearer, october revolution, pan-slavism, pete townshend, peter cook, peter cushing, peter lorre, peter o'toole, peter sellers, pre-code films, quadrophenia, ray bradbury, remus lupin, roald dahl, roman polanski, roshan seth, sam cooke, santa cruz, sherlock holmes, silent films, silent hill, simon jones, simple minds, sinclair lewis, slavic languages, socialism, soft cell, somnambulism, spy movies, stanley kubrick, star wars, stephen dedalus, sunset blvd., t. s. eliot, tennessee williams, terry gilliam, the adverts, the animals, the b-52's, the beatles, the black plague, the great war, the muppet show, the prisoner, the producers, the psychedelic furs, the third man, the violent femmes, the who, the zombies, theatre, tubeway army, turner classic movies, twin peaks, u2, ultravox, ulysses, utopianism, vaudeville, wedge antilles, wilfred owen, will sergeant, world war 1